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Entrevista: Jaime Breilh

  • Angélica Fonseca
  • Larissa Jatobá
  • Angélica Fonseca

    Escola Politécnica de Saúde Joaquim Venâncio, da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

    Larissa Jatobá

    estudante de Medicina da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro e membro da Diretoria Executiva Nacional dos Estudantes de Medicina


Jaime Breilh is a professor at Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar (Ecuador). However, for collective health, this Ecuadorian researcher's name is directly linked to the critical thought on epidemiology that is not limited to affirming health as social production, rather investigates and warns about the extent to which the way the capitalistic society consolidates inequalities that are deeply connected to an ‘economics of death.’ In this interview,1 , 2 granted in March, when he was in Brazil to take part in the 5th Seminar of the National Front against the Privatization of Health, Breilh made a critical analysis of the paths epidemiology has followed and proposes to reposition it as an area of knowledge committed to an “economics of life.” To this end, he discusses the relationships that are established between theoretical options and political and ethical action directed towards facing social inequalities.



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